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Release date:
8 June, 2014

Playstation Vita


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Z-Run is action/beat'em-up game for Playstation Vita where you run-n-fight your way through endless zombie hordes.
It's made in Logrus Engine, we also did game design and programming.


Original idea was inspired by run-n-fight sequence from "Highschool of the Dead" anime and "Into the Dead" iOS game.
Although most people (wrongly) assume that Z-Run is 'like Temple-Run with zombies', it's actually far from it; from design and gameplay standpoint, Z-Run is more like "River Raid" scroll-shoter game but with a human character fighting through zombies.
The development started with a stress-test -- can we even have 100 animated zombies in a game on PS Vita? After some interesting optimizations, we could have 50-60 zombies per frame (plus some environment, obstacles and other stuff).
Game levels are 'semi-random' -- city blocks built from pre-defined environment segments with obstacles and enemies added randomly. Each level has rules describing how long the level is, how many obstacles/enemies every section has etc. Overall, this makes every play-through a bit different, which people actually liked.
Art production was kinda slow so game has less content than planned, which lead to levels feel a bit repetitive.
Anyway, it was fun experience -- making game from scratch for Playstation Vita in less that a year.



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Selected Articles

  • " The first thing I discovered about Z-Run is that it’s challenging. I mean, it’s hard. I was getting destroyed left and right before deciding that maybe I should just switch over to Easy so that I could learn the game better. Then, to my horror, I remembered that I was already playing on Easy. My problem was that I was approaching the game all wrong. I couldn’t just brute force my way through a level, I needed to think my way through. Just like a game of chess, in order to win you have to be planning your next three or four moves before you make your current one. Once this revelation occurred to me, I found success a little easier and the game became infinitely more interesting. "
    - Brad Gruetzmacher, The Vita Lounge

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Z-Run (contract work) Credits

Alex Podverbny (FireVector)
Game Design and Programming

Alexander Nikitin (FireVector)
Engine Programing

Oleg Zhukovsky (BeatShapers)
3D Modeling

Rostislav Garbar (BeatShapers)
Character Animation

Alexey Menshikov (BeathShapers)

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